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  • Set house rules guest must agree to before they stay
  • Request damage deposits for extra security
  • Report guest misconduct if something goes wrong
  • Access 24/7 support in 43+ languages
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Your peace of mind is our top priority

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No matter where they’re from, our guests share a few similarities.

  • 75% of nights booked are by guests with five or more previous bookings
  • 68% of nights booked are by families and couples
  • 42% of nights booked are for properties other than hotels
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  • Property owners can request damage deposits from guests. Deposits help cover any potential damage caused by a guest, offering some reassurance that your property will be treated respectfully. If anything goes wrong, it can be reported to our team through our misconduct reporting feature.
  • Once you’ve finished creating your listing, you can open your property for bookings on our site. We may ask you to verify your property before you can start accepting bookings, but you can use this time to get familiar with our extranet and get prepared for your first guests.