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Here’s how we’re helping you feel confident welcoming guests:

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30 reservations in one day

No matter the price level or the type of property, Booking.com will bring you guests. The very first day this set of apartments went live they received 30 reservations and business has continued to grow since.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hidden but not out of sight

Situated in a beautiful but not always top travel destination, this farm stay in just 150 days after joining Booking.com was able to earn 127 reservations and a guest satisfaction score of 9.1.

Salzburg, Austria

Building relationships

With more than 10 properties listed managing everything can be tricky. That's why Booking.com's local team regularly holds meetings with this partner, to discuss how to build a relationship around their needs and how to grow their business.

Austin, USA

The benefits of working with us

Open and close your property when you want
We give you the freedom to open or close your property on our site whenever you want. With no lock-in contracts, you're in control of your property.
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We don't charge guests
We don't add anything onto the price. Unlike other platforms which often charge guests, the price you set is the price we display.
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You control your availability
Only accept guests during the summer or maybe just weekends, at Booking.com you decide when you want guests.
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Use Booking.com alongside other platforms
Using Booking.com alongside your other relationships is not a problem. With our simple calendar you can manage your availability in parallel to your existing relationships.
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Property types

Types of guests you can expect

No matter where in the world they’re booking from, our guests have a few things in common.

They’re families and couples

68% of our nights booked are made by families and couples looking for a relaxing holiday

They book more than just hotels

42% of our nights booked are made at one of our homes, apartments, or other unique places to stay

They share their experiences

38% of our guests leave reviews after their stays, sharing helpful information with properties and other travellers

They’re loyal guests

75% of our nights booked are made by guests who have already made more than five bookings on our site

Marketing and promotion

Many travellers begin with search engines

That's why we don't wait for guests to come to us, but actively promote your property on search engines all across the globe.

Some travellers search using maps

So a listing on Booking.com means your listing is advertised on Google Maps too.

Flights booked, accommodation next

We partner with airline companies such as Emirates, American Airlines, easyJet, KLM and much more to promote your property to their customers.

Finding a place to stay is also about recommendations

From influencers to travel writers to prominent media outlets, we make sure our brand is always being talked about. Meaning more people turn to Booking.com when it comes to searching for accommodation.


What happens if my property is damaged by a guest?
Property owners can request damage deposits from guests. Deposits can help cover any potential damage that a guest might cause, providing assurance that your property will be treated respectfully. If anything does go wrong, it can be reported to our team through our misconduct reporting feature.
What will happen after I sign up?
After you’ve registered your property, we will review your information to make sure we have everything we need. You’ll then receive an email with login details for your Extranet. This is where you’ll go to update your availability and prices. After that you’ll receive instructions on how to set your property live on Booking.com!

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